Productivity, job management, task management and project management are all terms banded around with software BUT here are some tools that can help with all of those!

If your just looking for a decent to do list then check out Todoist, easy to use and setup it should start helping you build better habits quickly.

If working out of your Google Calendar is more your thing then GQueues is for you. Assign tasks directly form your inbox and they populate your calendar like a perfectly planned out day! 

Getting the job done rather than just planning the job.

 My favourite tool for keep me and my business in order is AirTable. I love how you can create templates for repeatable projects, create dashboards to track activity and also give yourself a big kick up the butt with automated reminders of your to do list. The free version is a powerful tool but when you start paying a subscription the unlocked functionality literally put my business on steroids.
Next up with have Asana. This is a great tool when looking at putting your daily activities and project plans into a software. It allows you to collaborate really well with others and best of all, it's pretty to look at.  Asana are dedicated to being consistent and have a great quality product. They rarely mess with the pricing and tiering of their product which means you don't have to worry about not having access to certain functions after many years. The pricing isn't as cheap as others but it is a great product to use if you're looking for efficiencies in your time, team management and communications.

ClickUp has the same functionality as Asana but the difference with these two tools is how much you like one over the other. The pricing is similar so it really is a case of crunching the numbers and seeing which screen you prefer.